At TYZO, we produce variety of product and brands. Therefore, we require various concept and modern packaging for our brand and clients. But, we require a very good offer to meet the market demand especially to assist the small business (SME’s). Below are some guideline if you wish to collaborate with us for printing solutions:-

  • Lowest MOQ with reasonable and competitive prices
  • Can do a unique and demand print quality/ style
  • Fast, reasonable and competitive lead time
  • Fast response/ reply

What type of print we most require:

  1. Sachet Roll
  • 150mm x 500m, 140mm x 500m, 100mm x 500m
  • Open size: 105mm x 150mm, 95mm x 150mm, 90mm x 140mm

We require printed Roll Form and Plain (Gold & Silver)

2. Stand Pouch

3. Box Printing

4. Carton Box

5. Sticker Printing

If you think you’re able to provide us a great solution and long term business, yes, we may collaborate with you. You may send us your profile, sample printed item as a catalogue to client and list of price with MOQ variation as a guideline. You may send your proposal to our e-mail or

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