People everywhere around us never stop enjoying their favourite drinks or food. They even open to try out any new menu in town. So, if you’re thinking of making your own product brand, then the right choice for you to start is through the OEM services. Pick and choose from any various list and do some small changes on the taste, and you’ll be ready for it.

Below are some useful tips and guideline on how you can start your own product brand plan:

  1. What Product? – You might need to make a visit to have a big picture on current market and customer demand. Ask your family members or friends on what they like.
  2. Famous product to start? – Choose on a demanded item and come out with a unique concept or taste. That is your selling point. Never ever copy from a famous brand as you might need a huge budget to fight with them. They might sell better but it is not sure if your brand can compete with the original product.
  3. Discussion – Once you have an idea in mind? Book for an appointment and visit us. Our officers are available to entertain you. Book for an appointment online and we’ll respond to your request. In this phase, we will discuss the requirements for the product, such as MOQ, design, etc.
  4. Sample – Once you have final the ingredients and taste of your product, we will proceed with your design concept and production plan. You might need to place a secured deposit so that we can start doing your artwork design and a 70% payment once you have ready to confirm order for production. Normally, our standard production lead time will be as minimum from 14 working days to 21 days. For big order, we will advise you the lead time.
  5. Production – During this phase, the production team will focus on your product and we shall inform you 3 days earlier if product are ready and you will need to prepare the balance payment of 30%.
  6. Delivery – Once ready, you can arrange for the delivery or collection. Meanwhile, our team will still connected with you for the halal certification and other additional requirement needed by you. For the next order, you can make any placement and confirm your order.
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