At TYZO, we are able to help you to produce most of hot selling products in market within our field and expertise. Example, if you have a favourite drinks from any local coffee brand and interested to produce almost the same taste but with your own formulation, YES, we can make it for you. We will come out with the formulation and prepare a sample for you. In most cases, we will suggest and give our opinion when it come to the right taste and pricing.

We will then put hold the formulation for you. Once you are ready to produce, our team will assist you on the documentation and details needed and we will issue you the confirmation booking with a payment advice. Our standard procedure are 70% upon confirmation and balance payment of 30% will need to be clear before you collect the product from us. All cost will variance base on packaging and type of product.

For more details, you may contact TYZO customer support at or for an appointment.

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