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& Private Label HALAL factory 
for Coffee, Tea, Cocoa and Health Drink

What TYZO do?

1. Product development
2. Research formulation
3. Logo and packaging design
4. Halal application advisory
5. Marketing and distribution advisory
6. Export document preparation - Free sale cert, Health Cert.

Premix Coffee

white coffee, latte, hazelnut, black coffee, with herbal eg: Tongkat Ali, Ginseng, Kacip Fatimah and many more

Premix Tea

green tea, black tea, with herbal eg: lemongrass, ginger, roselle and many more

Cocoa Drink

Cocoa drink with oat, vanilla and mix with many other ingredients

Juice Drink

mixberry, mixfruits, lemon, apple and more

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Our Premium Formulation

Beauty and Health


Tested formulation for whitening and brightening mix with Sakura Extract, Pearl and other botanical drink powder


More than 3 years doing R&D for detoxification formulation. Botanical detox drink is very effective.

Sport & Gym

Whey isolate protein to gain weight muscle for sport and gym.
We expert in other halal active ingredients.

Why Choose TYZO factory?

1. Foods and beverages factory 
2. Coffee, Tea, Cocoa and Health Drink 
3. Low MOQ with export readiness 
4. GMP, HACCP and MeSTI certified
5. Export readiness
We are qualified team of profesionals
Tyzo Xander
Managing Director
Dr Faizal / Ali
Chief Executive Officer
Jr Noah Zachri
Chief Marketing Officer